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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"The best way to predict your future is to create it. "

- Peter Drucker



“Keep exploring what you like, keep learning and do it if you love to do it” Maya Pandey, My cake castle love


To help yourself, you must be yourself. Be the best that you can be. When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on. Maya Pandey lives by this rule of life, while most people give up after failure, little do they know that failures are the foundation stones of priceless success. Keeping that notion in mind we present you the story of a baker who turned her life around with her self-belief, Maya Pandey.



Maya Pande



Starting with her life, Maya was always a hard working woman, she never halted for little, her entire life she has been grabbing opportunities passing by. Maya is an MBA and she has nearly 15 years of experience in marketing, doing all the things that an MBA would do which includes her 3-year experience in digital marketing as well, she was what you can call a busy managerial kind of a person.


As far as her wide range of interests is concerned she admires cooking since she was little she loved to cook, Maya always had this desire of trying something new so she decided to bake a cake. At that time there were no microwaves but this wasn’t going to stop her and she baked it in a cooker. One fine day she saw someone posted a cake on social media and she was flattered by the creativity. She thought it is such a delight to her eyes and wanted to try out something like that herself.


Couple Cake



And that was the time where Maya finally shifted towards baking from cooking, and she is enjoying that right now, Maya has learned baking from some of the best bakers around the country and took many professional pieces of training. Now was the time when she decided that baking for her deserves to be treated as a profession because her friends and her family members, she shares “They insisted me to go ahead with baking as a profession” she started off with small orders for birthdays in her locality and office or any occasion she terms them as ‘small orders’  and this was how her work got known and she became the premium baker that she is right now “I was never comfortable with doing the little things I always wanted to go big every time”.



Chocolate Cake



Maya remembers baking her very first cake “it was a product of continuous tries and finally I managed to make my very own vanilla cupcake” and unlike most of the first trials which usually go wrong, in Maya’s case it was just perfect and her family members were amazed about what a delicious cupcake she has made! A cupcake in the cooker.


Maya is a fruit specialist she likes to play with fruits and fruity flavors in her cakes “ I like to bake something which is related to fruits or rather says which is easily available.”


Maya discovers her strength being turning fondant cakes into non-fondant cakes, basically turning them into fresh cream cakes or semi fondant cake “ If somebody doesn’t like fondant I have those same cakes created 99% exactly like fondant but with fresh cream.”


Beach Cake


She loves challenges and she is all about taking things to the next level she remembers her most challenging project, “I had to create a car it took me 4.5 hours, and to make it hold together and to be more creative with it was a very tough challenge “ we are relieved to hear that it turned out perfectly.


She loves the smoothness of business working with Bulb and Key, she has a memory with Bulb and Key she proudly mentioned. “ once I failed to deliver a cake so the Bulb and Key guys saved it from getting wasted and distributed it to the poor children” and this was the best utilization of her creation, happy smiles.


What I mostly liked about the story was her willingness to spread smiles and her quality of working hard and Maya, we are proud of you as well.


“Don’t do it just because of the sake of doing it! And keep learning” Maya Pandey


Trishant Nimsarkar

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