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Home Baker Manasi Deshpande’s – Interview

Trishant Nimsarkar

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I believe, The growth needs to transpire, there shouldn’t be customers going home disappointed, in the end, everyone should get their desired cake”  Ms.Manasi Deshpande.

There’s a tremendous value of originality in the realm, though it takes time to figure out your own uniqueness, conclusively being original will give you an unbelievable insight of satisfaction, These are some blunt, true and life-changing  principles lived by our specialist baker Manasi Deshpande, she believes accomplishment, appreciation, and attention is the aftermath of being original in your baking style.

So this time we have a really interesting story of a really proficient baker, Manasi’ who is a self-learner.

manasi deshpande


Manasi did her bachelors in psychology and when she was in her 2nd year she discovered her unconditional enthusiasm in baking and cake art, she embraced mistakes and was always a person who learned from mistakes, she never believed in failure either it was a perfect cake or a good lesson, she proudly says “mistakes will let you know where you are going wrong and how you can do better next time”.



Baked for the very first time when she was in 9th std, Manasi recalls her very first cake creation, they got a very new microwave at home, and she baked a chocolate walnut cake and it turned out perfectly, everyone enjoyed it, that’s quite uncommon when you perform well the very first time, but if you do then it means that you belong  to this particular field, baking, in Manasi’s instance.

She used to bake for her friends and family and she used to get positive reviews, this continued for a while and her expertise cakes got a huge amount of recognition and later she started to get orders, even unknowns started ordering cakes and that motivated her into opening a facebook page, so things were always in an ascending order for Manasi, she never looked back since then.


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Manasi realizes the value of originality but she mentions the problem with absolute originality too “sometimes a client demands a cake which he/she has seen somewhere before but the  way for doing that should be unique” she cleared out our confusion by saying “even though if you are creating such project you should add your own touch in it”.


house cake


She remembers her most challenging caking and baking project ever “It was an assignment where I had to recreate the leaning tower of Pisa in a cake” since it should stand still, therefore, the structuring was really an issue, making that in perfectly stable and giving it a really suitable angle was getting difficult “ I had to make sure that it doesn’t collapse although it was meant to look ‘leaning’. It turned out perfectly and she got positive reviews.



Later she dropped a light on her goal “I want to improve the quality of my work and reach out to more people, that is my individual goal because I am concerned about reaching out and displaying my quality work”.

Everyone carries a specialty, Manasi loves the hand painted cakes “I like painting the whole cakes in colored icings and absolutely dislike ready made fondant colors or printed things, originality for me is what matters the most, everything is handmade in my premises.

Manasi has been our premium baker since the very beginning of Bulb and Key, she describes the experience “descent” she says she was comforted because she wasn’t able to go places to places for delivering cakes.

We are proud of talented creators,

You should not be a carbon copy of someone, Be yourself Be unique” – Ms. Manasi Deshpande.


Trishant Nimsarkar

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