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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. "

- Tony Robbins


“I specialize in baking healthy and hearty homemade cakes and cookies, which even a diabetic person can occasionally indulge in, guilt-free”!! Mrs.Ishwinder Gujral


Life is full of surprises!
Who would imagine that an engineer and MBA in finance would land up in a profession like baking. So this time we bring you the story of Ishwinder Gujral to whom baking happened “BY CHANCE”.


Ishwinder Gujral


Ishwinder is an engineer and MBA in finance and has worked as an associate professor in an MBA college, until her son was born. She took a break from work, to bring up 2 adorable kid’s until her younger one turned 3. “My son was my source of inspiration as that was the time where I wanted to cook healthy stuff”


Multiple Cakes by Ishwinder Gujral


Back in her time in Amritsar, Ishwinder learned great baking techniques from her aunt who does catering and bakes good cakes “Orange marmalade cake of hers was very prevalent along with her chocolate mud cake”Ishwinder used to visit her periodically and her aunt baked her outstanding orange marmalade cake in maida, and Ishwinder baked her very own version of the same cake consisting wheat flour and it was appreciated by everyone due to its health advantages and delightful taste and that’s where it all commenced, she created these wonderful whole wheat cakes and this was supposed to be her masterpiece later.


Chocolate Cake


“I baked cakes in jaggery and whole wheat for my children” 2016 was the time when baking as her profession began as one of her close friends insisted her that she should start taking this up as a full-fledged profession. With that inspiration, it took Ishwinder one month to make a proper outline to plan and create recipes which are professional.


After that one of Ishwinder’s regular clients gave her an order to bake a cake for her diabetic friend “I told her I don’t do much of cakes I do it on and off but she was not ready to listen” and Ishwinder baked a chocolate cake in jaggery and her client’s diabetic friend liked it and Ishwinder was like “Why not, let’s do more healthy cakes.”


Fruit Cake


Ishwinder remembers baking her very first professional cake though it had a couple of cracks it was moist and good in taste “the birthday girl posted that cake on facebook and it made my day”  it turned out perfectly.

Her most favorite cake which is very close to heart is chocolate chip date and walnut cake made with multi-grain wheat “I made it with multi-grain wheat and the cake was denser than the regular maida version”.


Dry Fruit Cake


One thing about Ishwinder’s style of baking is that she improvises every recipe, she makes changes according to her desires, maybe that is another reason why her cakes are adored throughout her clients.


In forthcoming five years Ishwinder wants to sustain baking whole wheat cakes in vegetable oil as well as in olive oil (she never uses butter) “I haven’t charted out a map as such but I want to clutch each and every opportunity that I see” she wants to become a label like Kayani bakery and she wants to tie up with restaurants and cafes. We wish her the best of luck for that.


Banana Upside Down Cake


Ishwinder believes that bakers should not undervalue themselves and they should follow their passion, she uses premium healthy products in her cakes and never comprises on her ingredients.


It was a long journey for Ishwinder but the road never ends, she keeps learning and experimenting, the key thing in her story is how she made healthy cakes her specialty and she realizes that people are health freaks and their desires needs to be fulfilled, Ishwinder is the master of her genre, always kept experimenting and never looked back.


Her healthy cakes are so delighted that she takes regular orders from fixed clients every year on their birthdays, even she has tied up with schools for the cakes they need on kids birthdays.


Being a master of one is what I call being gracefully victorious. Bulb and Key wish you all the best for Judy bakes and looks forward to working more with you.


“My son was my ultimate source of inspiration, I baked salubrious for him and now I bake healthy cakes for everyone” Mrs.Ishwinder Gujral


Trishant Nimsarkar

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