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Harsh Grover

  • 23 Jun 2019

    ‘If you don’t have a mentor, it is totally fine. You can always experiment and try. You just need to have a fire in your soul’Harsh Grover


    Fire and desire leads to priceless proficiency greater than textbook knowledge. 34 years old Harsh Grover lives and own up to this statement. Mrs. Grover owns Regiments Bakes is looking for a bright future and a name in the baking industry in the next five years. She started baking 5 years back learning to cook through videos online and experimenting. She always wanted to give her kid and herself the best taste.



    When she noticed the faded taste and flavours in cakes even in cakes which are being sold by big brands in India, she decided to bake. Just normal regular baking turned into her best interest and passion. She started experimenting with different flavours, adding good new taste and style.



    Our baker Harsh Grover is MBA and also holds an experience of working in a bank. She is an experimental freak when it comes to cooking and also writes a creative column. The main motto she stated was – “I have loved eating cake since forever. But when I decided to bake I used to believe in quality when it comes to baking.”



    ” I have faced problems with handling the baby and delivering cakes at the same time. It was difficult and other delivery agency never use to cooperate. They were never on time and were very unprofessional. But with Bulb and Key, lack of professionalism was never a problem. They were always committed to the time and it was a different experience with bulb and key”.



    We are proud of talented bakers like you on our portal too. For fellow bakers looking for a positive start, she mentioned that it is good if you take professional training but it is better if you just learn it by yourself and experiment when you feel it’s right in cakes. It is the desire that matters the most.



    “You don’t have to wait for a mentor to get ahead in life its just your own will power. You can be your own mentor.” Experience and continuous learning was the reason behind harsh’s expertise in baking combined with talent. Would like to add “our biggest lessons are our mistakes.



    “We should never be disappointed with the results.. results hold the future.” Mrs.Harsh Grover.


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