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Deepshikha Bhonwal

  • 28 Aug 2019

    “There is a tough race for bakers and the competition is even more for home bakers. You just need to be calm and focus on your work.” – Deepshikha Bhonwal


    Deepshikha started baking cookies as her hobby and it was a disaster initially. But she didn’t give up and kept on trying. She believes in trial and error and learns from her mistakes. It’s not necessary that you learn everything in the first go. But you have to constantly try and eventually you get the results.



    They say “good things take time” and this perfectly suits our baker Deepshikha. It was only cookies for her in the beginning. She started baking cakes much later. She used to post the pictures of the cookies on all her social media groups. Soon her friends started asking her if she would bake cookies for them. And that’s how her baking journey began. 




    After some time, people asked her to make cakes for their occasions. She used to bake cakes for all her family members, friends, relatives and also used to take orders from clients. After that she never looked back. Deepshikha never knew that she would become so passionate about baking. Now she has her own label Just Like That and makes customized and delicious cakes.



    The first-ever cake she made was a three-tier fondant cake. She made it for her friend’s daughter’s birthday. Her baking journey is full of learning and experiencing new things. She wants to do a professional course in baking so that she doesn’t miss out on basic things. She has a long list of her dream cakes and wants to rock in each one of them.



    In the coming years, she aspires to have her own bakery and wants to wear a chef’s coat. She loves making Chocolate Truffle Cake which is her signature cake. Talking about the challenges, she says, weather conditions become a problem for fondant cakes. She has never faced any difficulties in baking cakes, but to handle them and take it to the venue is a major task for her. 



    Whatever you do in life, you get mixed responses. But it is always important to understand who you should listen to. Deepshikha says her husband is her biggest critic which motivates her to work harder and better.



    On working with Bulb and Key, she says, it’s her first time with us and she has received many positive feedbacks for us. She is looking forward to work with us and hoping for a great journey ahead.


    After knowing Deepshikha’s journey, all we can say is “slow and steady wins the race”. It doesn’t matter whether your start is slow or rapid, what matters is how far you go. When she started baking it was difficult for her to bake perfect cookies and cakes, but she didn’t quit. She tried again and again. And soon baking became her passion and there was no going back. This proves that you can win any battle with your discipline, dedication and hard work.




    Never stop trying. Sooner or later you will definitely succeed. – Deepshikha Bhonwal

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