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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"The free man is he who does not fear to go to the end of his thought. "

- Leon Blum

“My daughter Ishita is my initial force she is the reason why I am driven towards baking professionally, supported by my son Kushagra” Mrs. Deepika Bhargava, Dee’s cakes and bakes.


Deepika wanted to try something new with baking, she is into baking for 18 years, everyone needs a motivational source to make choices in life, for Deepika it was her daughter.

So this time we bring you a story of a versatile baker who hails baking with all her heart, Mrs.Deepika Bhargava, let’s go through her journey and get invigorated!

Deepika Bhargava

Before being a professional baker Deepika was an instructor in NIIT, she did the freelancing for developing small software modules, she is still working for a network marketing company which she joined 11 years ago along with that she has a blog of her own & she is a trained voice-over artist.

Dee’s cakes and bakes.

Being a woman who has a family to look after she was not able to go out for her demos and other related things for the network marketing company. “I was getting frustrated sitting at home” it was her daughter who gave her this splendid idea, “My daughter told me you are good at baking start taking orders, start baking professionally”. Even before that, she fancied baking so much that she attended a lot of master training sessions and replenished her skills in caking and baking. She wanted to bake cakes which were different or rather say, unlike the ordinary ones.

Golden Cake

She reminisces baking her very first cake which she made 19 years ago “I do remember it” with a little giggle she said “it was as sturdy as concrete, my hubby and my brother had a hard time breaking and eating it” she recollects it has a memory to joke around with. That was 19 years ago though now she is a premium baker.

As far as her desired type of area in baking is concerned she likes to work with ganache and she enjoys the fondant toppers the most “I am not much into the typical fondant cakes”. She describes her most challenging project ever, It was an order of 400 cupcakes and a 2kg cake “to execute that order with the limited amount of setup was a very tough challenge” although it sounds impossible she still completed that task “ It took 2 whole days for planning and executing” for baking part it took almost 19 hours to complete it, frosting and other essentials took more time, it turned out perfectly and she received considerably positive reviews.

Advocate Theme Cake

In upcoming five years, Deepika wants to have a studio of her own apart from that she wants to create a decent premise for her daughter as she wants to pursue it as a career, inclusive of that she wants to create such a platform where people can join in and pursue baking.

She is a very new partner with Bulb and Key she appreciates our vision and is looking forward to working closely with Bulb and Key in the future “it’s a good platform which is a win-win situation for both of us”. We are proud of your excellence in baking too Deepika!

Deepika has some inspirational words for young budding bakers out there she believes. “Nothing is a cake walk, and when you venture into baking at any point of time are going to face the challenges as it’s a part of life.” she adds “don’t give up to the challenges. We can win them by never compromising on the ingredients & quality of work and never compromise on the prices too. Respect your hard work, your time & most respect yourself.”

This was one helluva journey with lots of ups and downs it was her kids who were the X factor for her to become a premium baker that she is today. Kudos to you Deepika!

“Never compromise, nothing comes free” Mrs, Deepika Bhargava.


Trishant Nimsarkar

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