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Trishant Nimsarkar

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"Be the change that you want to see in the world. "

- Mohandas Gandhi


“I Love Chocolate With All My Heart” Mrs. Briju Parthasarathy.


While there’s a will there’s a way, a statement we hear so often, Sometimes what it takes to believe in this philosophy is an act done by a fellow human itself. And so we bring such an inspiring story to you of Mrs. Briju Parasathathy and her bakery of delicious foods, Briju’s Patisserie.




Briju Parthasarathy


Always having an inclination towards delicious foods, she discovered her passion for baking at the age of 14 and since then Baking and Briju have never been apart. “I Specialize in Pure Chocolates, and apart from baking I have a special line in jams and other spreads, all organic for utmost taste and health”, she shares proudly. What makes her stand out from others is her preference and devotion towards organic and quality delicacies for her customers. Chocolates hold a special place among her heart for as most of us, she desires chocolates by all her heart and at times relishes much.





7 Years back in Nigeria, was the moment of revelation, as she discovered her true passion, baking, and chocolates. This revelation struck her while she was experimenting and refining the cakes, always pursuing the improvement of sweet flavoured cakes and well-being of others. Mrs. Briju Parthasarathy has attended several workshops under prominent figures from the world of baking, figures like Rakesh Saini, and top Russian Chefs, right in our beloved Pune. She figured the dire need for kids friendly to eat yummy delicious chocolates of good quality, with no preservatives, and that was it for her, she found her purpose, best quality best services for the people.


Plum Rum Cake by Briju Parthasarathy


Baking her first cake, a moment preserved in time for her at the age of 13, “I was rigid about making my mom a delicious cake, and so with my sister, I crafted a makeshift oven. It was literally a fight with my mother, which in the end worked out fine and she was happy.” that’s what matters, for we live for the happiness of our loved ones. “It was a thrill for me and my sister”, oh what a journey would that have been. As we grow, we look back and moments of such adventures bring a smile to our face, they warm our heart.





For her dream is to have an exclusive interactive studio, where one shall get to enjoy the aroma of fresh cake and hot dark chocolate steaming through, filling your nose buds. “The idea behind it is to interact with the customer, let them be a part of the journey, for when they eat the cake, it will be all the more special”. We assure you for all the chocolate lovers, this is where you wanna see yourself in some years to come. Baking has always been a part of her, with a place in her heart, and it shows indeed.



To all those aspiring bakers out there, here’s a heartfelt message, “Never underprice your goods, if you are underpricing them, you are doing the same to your product, it is you who first loves your product”, truly inspiring and exceptional advice, just like her. As they say exceptional thought reign in exceptional minds. We at Bulb and Key are honoured to know such a confident and Inspiring Woman. She is an inspiration to us all, never give up, and above all, know your worth.


Thank You Mrs.Briju Parthasarathy, It is a blissful journey.


To All Who Aspire To Be,


“Explore, thought process, limits, boundaries, failure will come, get your buck and keep moving” – Mrs.Briju Parthasarathy.




Trishant Nimsarkar

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