"I am not bothered by the fact that I am unknown. I am bothered when I do not know others. "

- Confucius


A quote by Jimmy Johnson says, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” It simply means that when someone makes a little extra effort to be better at something, it sets him apart from others. Today we are narrating the story of Mumbai based home baker Anuja Sule who made cooking and baking simpler for people. 


Anuja says, she is a foodie herself and her husband is also one. Also, she was really passionate about cooking and then it gradually shifted to baking. She started enjoying the baking process more. Fifteen years down the line, there was no Internet and online videos. But the best part is that Anuja is a big bookworm and had read some 200 books on baking and still continues. Now it has become much easier and she learns a lot from online tutorials. 


Harry Potter Cake by Anuja Sule


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Anuja is someone who keeps experimenting a lot with her recipes. She says, “It’s obvious that sometimes the experiment becomes a huge mess but that’s the part and parcel of it. Unless and until you don’t try to create something innovative and unique, there is nothing new in your creations. People look for innovation and uniqueness nowadays and it is one of the major factors for doing business today.”


Chocolate Cake by Anuja Sule


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To understand the science behind baking and to know everything in detail, Anuja joined college and got enrolled for a course. She says, “I learnt a lot in those classes. Later when finished my college, I started taking guest lectures in the same college. I also started writing a blog and teaching people. Very soon I realised that I love teaching. I really like it when I teach people and they start their own thing and become good at their work.”


Dobos Torte by Anuja Sule


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The main thing that Anuja focuses on is to teach in a simple way. She wants people to realise that baking is not that difficult and everyone can try their hands on it. Also, she is more into using organic products for her items. Anuja says, she doesn’t like to use the premixes available in the market and makes everything from scratch for all her bakery items


Rabbit Cake by Anuja Sule


Anuja says when she can’t feed those cakes made from premixes to her kids then she can’t make it for others too. She says, “I want people to enjoy baking as much as I do. I like making recipes that give you a feeling of homemade food. I want people to feel the warmth and love of home when they are making something using my recipes. This is of the utmost importance for me.”


Moana Cake by Anuja Sule


Now I spend my time conducting workshops, teaching and sharing recipes with people and travelling for workshops. The challenge I usually face is that people don’t realize that I charge for my cakes as per the ingredients I use. I make all my bakery items from fresh organic ingredients. But I know that there are people who understand this and order form me. Also, earlier it used to be difficult to get these organic items easily but now online shopping has made it quite simple. 


Boston Cream Pie by Anuja Sule


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In the coming years, Anuja wants to explore more about online classes and make her own production line of homemade goodies. 


Macaroon by Anuja Sule


To summarize, I would say, everyone has a passion for some or the other things, but liking something is not enough. You have to do something ‘extra’ for making a successful career in it. This extra makes you different from others and if you are planning to do business in any form in today’s time then it is an important thing to keep in mind.


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