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  • 19 Aug 2019

    “First think about what you’re doing, start small and then gradually grow your business. Don’t expect to be a big shot from the first go. Have patience.” – Anagha Dhara 


    The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. We can’t just jump from little things to big things. It takes time and patience. Home baker Anagha Dhara strongly believes in these thoughts. She is the baker behind Cakelicious Treats which offers a wide range of delicious and visually appealing customized cakes to customers. 


    A computer engineer by profession and a home baker by passion, Anagha started her business around three years ago. Initially, she used to make tea-time cakes which she learnt from her mother, but then one day she baked a ganache icing cake which turned out to be really good. With encouragement from her family and self-learning, she slowly started taking orders and that’s how her business began. 



    The first cake that she baked was a Castle Cake for her neighbour’s daughter, complete with a Barbie, a tower and all the other detailed elements of a castle. While it was somewhat a nerve-wracking and interesting experience for her, the cake was loved by all. Her favourite cake to bake is the Classic Pound Cake. 



    In any profession, hurdles and challenges are inevitable and it was no different for Anagha. She says, “So far, there have been two challenging projects. One was a camera cake with about 34 cupcakes having different toppings on each. The other one was a 4 kg Chess Cake with all the chess toppers hand-made by me.” It was a time-taking and challenging experience, but eventually, it turned out well. 



    For Anagha, baking is more of a stress-buster but, she says, “In the next five years, I want to make more innovate cakes and try out different types of flavours and cakes. I want to focus more on the taste and on giving the customers good quality, tasty cakes.”


    As for her experience working with Bulb and Key, she says, “When I came to know about Bulb and Key, I found the idea quite innovative so I read up more about them. I then gave them some inputs and suggestions for improvement and all of it was received very positively by the team. Apart from this, all that they do in terms of delivery is really good. The team is very helpful and selfless; Bulb and Key is a place where everything is happening for you. There is a very high level of enthusiasm.” 



    One piece of advice that Anagha would like to give to all the budding bakers is to first start small and then aim for bigger opportunities. She believes that we should think through our plans first, start by taking small orders and experiment as much as possible with friends and family and only then go for commercial orders. “Take as much feedback as possible and have patience,” she says. 



    Starting a baking business is not easy and we totally agree with her. 


    Baking is both physical and mental therapy. – Anagha Dhara


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