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Here Is The Motivation – Filled Story Of Bhavika Behl That Teaches To Follow Your Heart

Aparna Jaiswal

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"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. "

- Mother Teresa


“Internet has become the greatest teacher, it has made learning very easy. Professional courses are totally hyped up, just try to focus on learning things on your own.”- Bhavika Behl



The drive of being different and creative always pushes you to do better. Our baker Bhavika Behl is a real proof of being an enthusiast and goal-driven person. She was always passionate about baking. She completed her post-graduation but doesn’t want to go for the corporate job. She has started proper baking from the end semesters of post graduation and then she turned her normal day hobby into a full-time profession. She used to bake with her other two sisters. So, they thought of starting their own baking business together which they named as In Love With Cocoa and then there was no looking back.





The MBA graduate turned baker has learned baking on her own. She has a firm belief in self-learning. She says, “All the professional courses are hyped up and are very costly. They will teach you little few things and then you will have to discover new techniques by yourself.  So it is better to start on your own. You will always have the internet around you to help you whenever you want. You don’t need to go around taking classes and learn the basics of baking.”



Her first order was very special. Whenever you start something new and people actually like it, there is no better feeling. It was her mother’s friend who gave her an order to bake a cake and 100 lollipops just 2 days after they started their business. She says, “Initially, we had not promoted our business. We were busy setting it properly. My mom was busy promoting the business. She was very happy with our career choices.” 





“We are planning to open our bakery in the coming future. A well-established bakery comes with many responsibilities. A kitchen with several baking equipment is difficult to handle. It involves a team and a lot of effort.”, she mentions when asked what she would like to do in the coming years. She also elaborated her concerns about her bakery and extra responsibility. 



The baker says, “My interest in baking started as a hobby, I never thought that I would become so passionate about it. The advice that I would like to give to budding bakers is that just be confident and be a self-learner. No one can sharpen your skills better than you.”





She believes that one should never stop learning new things in life. It is very important to be a learner and stay motivated all your life. You can easily find creativity in every corner of the world. You can always do better in life. You just need to motivate yourself to learn better in life.



You become stagnant in life when you stop learning new things. – Bhavika Behl




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