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Explore The Art Of Healthy Baking And Ayurvedic Cooking With The Engineer Turned Baker Komal Mule

Aparna Jaiswal

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"The universe is transformation; our life is what our thoughts make it. "

- Marcus Aurelius


Today is the time when people don’t bother much about what others would say and follow their dreams and passion. Komal Mule who studied engineering and also did her Masters in Computer Science was always passionate about baking. She used to bake for her family and friends. 


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While Komal was studying, she thought that she should try baking once. And to her surprise, she got an amazing response. She started taking orders. Komal says, “It was a very well thought decision. Earlier, I was a professor in an engineering college. Also, I was preparing for UPSC exam for civil services. But baking was my passion and I am glad I pursued it.” 


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When asked about who helped her in getting into this baking business, she says, “My friend is a baker. She helped me a lot in setting up all this and also my family was really supportive. I have learnt baking and then I did an ayurvedic cooking course from Art of Living. I learnt to make maida free, gluten-free cakes and healthy chocolates.”


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Nowadays people are becoming more health-conscious and want to try healthy baking items. Before ordering anything, they just ask for samples to try out. And very happily I provide them samples, I don’t take it in a wrong way. 


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Talking about her favourite cake, she says, “I like making Rasmalai cake the most. Also, I am into making Ragi biscuits and sugar-free chocolates.”


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Komal says she wants to achieve Michelin Star in Baking. It is her biggest dream and she is determined enough to fulfill it. 


To sum it up, she says, it is important to follow your passion and do what you love doing the most. It gives a sense of happiness and satisfaction in life and there is no better feeling than that.    


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