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Unique 3D printed products in demand in 2020

Mrudula Deodhar

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"Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy. "

- Brian Tracy

3D printing is an option for the fast production of time-consuming products. The products can be more personalized, easy to make and handle, and most importantly relatively cheaper. 3D printing is a rapid-prototyping technology that has now become quite famous. The best part of 3D printed products is that it has no waste and there is absolutely no need to stock them. They can be made in minimum time. Here is a list of unique 3D printed products in demand in 2020.

  1. 3D printed razor handles



It was Gillette who first launched customized 3d printed handles for razors. Customers always want their favorite products just like they dream of them, and Gillette made this dream come true for them. The 3D printed razor handles are now in demand and people are really loving them.


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  1. 3D printed mini cars


3D printed Car


The new generation of people is a big fan of fancy, luxurious cars. They love keeping the 3D printed mini imported car models with them on their work desks or study tables. These mini car models are 3D printed and are in high demand amongst teenagers and young adults. 

  1. 3D printed stationery


3D Printed Stationary


From pen stands, pens, to U-pins and paperweights 3D printing is a technology that can do it all for you. 3D printed office stationery is used by all of us without even knowing that it is 3D printed. It is perfect, attractive, and most importantly very useful as we all know. You can even try making the stationery items by yourself if you have a 3D printer.


  1. 3d printed glasses frames


3D glass frames


You would never have guessed that the frame of the glasses you are wearing right now are 3D printed. The 3d printed eyeglass frames are easy to make. They making the cost of the eyeglasses frame is extremely low. But the 3D printed frames are really nice and perfect.


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  1. 3D printing footwear


3D printed Footware


There is nearly nothing that is impossible for a 3D printer to produce. Footwears are no exception. The sizes, dimensions, and colors of the footwear can be customized. They are so many 3d printed sportswear that is manufactured in large quantities every day because they are always in high demand.


  1. 3D printed superhero models


3D superhero  model


From hulk to ironman to batman to wonder woman, there are 3D printed superhero models of them all. There are so many youngsters out there who love to have a collection of their favorite superhero models. The 3D printed marvel superhero models are always in high demand due to the popularity of its characters.

  1. 3D printed engines



3D printing basically is a gift of engineering to the world. 3D printing finds its application in its own field of mechanical engineering. It is widely used in the manufacturing of different machine parts and machines too. The 3D printed jet engine and 3d printed components for engines of vehicles is a boon to the field that deserves great respect.


In short, from fancy and creative items to industrial robots, 3D printing can do it all. These useful and helpful products are famous and in demand and shall remain to be the same.



Mrudula Deodhar

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