Top 9 Home 3D Printers For Beginners

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  • 24 Aug 2019

    3D Printing is the art of making a digital model into a real object. It is called additive manufacturing because the object is created by adding layers one over the other until the object is formed, unlike traditional methods where an object is being carved out from a solid and given the desired shape.


    3D Printing is an emerging industry. It has its applications in various fields like prototyping and manufacturing, construction, education, medical and many others. There are a lot of 3D printers available now in the market which helps in creating objects very easily and conveniently. 


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    Here are some of the popular 3D printers that will help you make amazing objects at home.


    1. XYZ Da Vinci nano 


    XYZ Da Vinci nano | Bulb And Key


    It is one of the best 3D printers for beginners. It’s very easy to use, safe and portable. It comes with a proprietary filament which makes it easy to use for beginners. Generally, when you apply glue in 3D printers it gives a good print but this one gives a better print without glue also. It has a little less range of colours but overall it’s worth buying.


    2. XYZ Printing da Vinci mini maker


    XYZ Printing 2 | Bulb And Key


    It is easy to use, affordable and has a simple setup. It is mainly designed for children and has a bright colour body. It is very safe and best for children to learn something new. 


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    3. Flash Forge Finder 


    Flash Forge Finder  | Bulb And Key


    This device is versatile, has a neat design and is quite safe. A good option for beginners and the prints are very clean. Because of its compact design, it’s portable and convenient.


    4. 3Doddler Create 3 D Pen


    3Doddler Create 3 D Pen | Bulb And Key


    This is a highly convenient device, referred to as World’s first 3D printing pen. It is like having a 3D printer in your hands. You can adjust the size and shape of the pen using the nozzle. A red LED will turn blue when it’s ready and you can add plastic into it and then you can make different designs.


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    5. Tiertime Up Mini 2 ES


    Tiertime Up Mini 2 ES | Bulb And Key


    It gives a clean and excellent print and has interchangeable blades which makes it easy to use for everyone. It is affordable and convenient.


    6. MonoPrice Select Mini V2 


    MonoPrice Select Mini V2  | Bulb And Key


    This device is best for tinkers. It’s affordable and easy to setup. It has a good user interface and software. Be there while it is printing otherwise it will cause a problem later. It may get damaged.


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    7. UV Resin 3D printer


    UV Resin 3D printer | Bulb And Key


    It uses a concept called vat polymerization which uses resins to draw the highly detailed parts. The resin changes the liquid into solid and becomes a part of 3D print. It is more effective in drawing detailed designs.


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    8. MonoPrice Maker Select V2


    MonoPrice Maker Select V2 | Bulb And Key


    It gives a smooth print and has a very good user interface. This is one of the most popular 3D printers right now. It is affordable and has a high functioning.


    9. Qidi Tech I 3D Printer


    Qidi Tech I 3D Printer | Bulb And Key


     It has got a large build volume and removable plates which makes it easy to print large objects. It has a very nice design and gives an excellent print.


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