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Top 10 3D Printing Software worth given a try

Namrata Kumari

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"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. "

- Confucius


3D printing has changed the way a person represents his/her work to the client or colleagues. It helps make lifelike models so that there can be a visualization of the actual work on a smaller scale. A good 3D printing software helps make intricate designs with fine details.


  • What is 3D printing?


What is 3D printing?


When you use a 3D print online, it involves the computer-aided design to result in a three-dimensional object. It is done by the means of the layering method. The Design 3D print is made by the use of materials such as plastics, composites, and biomaterials. The Best home 3D printer can be used to make models of different shapes, sizes, rigidity, or color.


  • A brief history of 3D printing:


history of 3D printing:


Though 3D printing is one of the blooming technologies and has taken up the pace. But it has been around for a long time now. It is believed to have kickstarted in the year 1970. The first 3D printing patent was given to a Japanese person named Hideo Kodama in the year 1981.


He had made a device that used the UV light to harden the polymers and create a structure. The father of 3D printing is Chuck Hull. Though he did not get a patent in his name, he is known to have revolutionized the way 3D printing was done.


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  • 10 Best 3D printing software:


Here are a few suggestions we have for you. Take a closer look and select the one you would like to use for your project. Each software has a unique quality of its own. You can look for Free 3D printing software for printing.  The list is as follows:


  • Autodesk Fusion 360:


Autodesk Fusion 360:


It is known as the best overall software for 3D printing. It is the top choice of designers, mechanical engineers, and machinists. There is an amalgamation of manufacturing, designing, and engineering. A high-quality product is made in a shorter time. It can print almost any shape. There are high detailing and clean finish of the resultant product.


  • Autodesk Auto CAD

Autodesk Auto CAD


it is known to be the best software for high-end 3D printing needs. It is used by professionals for creating versatile 3D models. There is a feature allowing the addition of data from PDF. You can also add annotations to the drawing and also extract object data from the given tables. 


This allows real-time analytics along with a better presentation of the idea. A single subscription to AutoCAD allows access in both windows and Mac. This software needs a sophisticated toolset. This software also has the web and mobile applications available. It creates the latest version of the DWG file format, which in turn makes drafting easy across different formats. There are preloaded features about doors and windows designs. 


  • Ultimaker Cura:


Ultimaker Cura:


this is the best software for new users. It comes with the recommendation mode which makes suggestions for the new users, making working easy for them. It is open-source software. The customization mode allows many fine details to be added. So you can have in-depth control and enjoy the uniqueness of your work. It is best for beginners. 


All the jobs being done can be controlled from a single interface. Leverage tools can be used to scale 3D models. It supports printing from various formats such as STL, X3D, OBJ. you can add different printers and materials as required. 


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  • Tinker CAD:


Tinker CAD:


it is a web-based software with an easy and direct interface. Create complex models by adding different shapes. You can import 2D and 3D designs. It can also help in laser cutting. 3D printing is started by a single click. There cloud storage for your designs and models. It comes with a complete tutorial.


  • Free CAD:


Free CAD


Real-life models of various sizes and shapes. It is mostly used to train beginners. Editing the models is easy. A designer can easily change parameters. It is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. 


  • Solidworks:




It is used to make 3D models for industrial purposes. It offers loads of detailing and unique features for the professionals. MURBS is used to create detailed curvatures in the model. Design, simulation followed by manufacture assure a smooth workflow.


  • SelfCAD:




It is an online cloud-based software. There are features for easy modeling, sculpting, drawing, sketching, and also animation all in one place. Basically a polygon-based mesh design.


  • Microsoft 3D builder:


Microsoft 3D builder:


This is a free app for window users. It allows the user to capture, view, and also personalize the designs. It also allows the repair and editing of the 3D designs printed. 


  • 3D slicer:


3D slicer:


It is an open-source software mostly used for the medical images. Their processing and printing.


  • OpenSCAD:




It is free software. But run by its language CGAL only. Parts can be selected in the model but can not be edited. Not easy for beginners.


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