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The Best 3D Printing E-Books

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E-books have been popular for quite some time now. Since they are easily accessible on any device, you can read them anywhere, even on the go. But now since the world has been under lockdown, and people have been forced to stay at home, e-books are seeing a sudden surge in demand. 


Businesses have come to a standstill, and it is no different for the 3D printing industry. But even though there is less work and fewer orders now, what all the business owners and entrepreneurs can do now is invest their time in learning how to use better techniques and tools to improve their products and services. And what better way to gain some useful information than reading e-books?


In this blog, we are going to focus on some of the best 3D printing e-books that all 3D printing enthusiasts must read. If you aren’t afraid of reading detailed content and are willing to spend time going through informative, specific books, then here is a list of the most valuable 3D printing e-books for you. 


  • Basics Of 3D Printing


Prusa Research 3D Printers,


Released by Prusa Research 3D Printers, a well-established desktop 3D printer retailer, this book focuses on 3D printing as a whole instead of one specific aspect. It is perfect for beginners, but also if you want to refresh the basics. This 3D printing e-book has information on the main 3D printing technologies in the market, different materials you can find, a ‘3D printing 101’ section which is the highlight of this book. This section acts as a guide explaining all the steps of 3D printing, along with some useful advice. 


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  • 3D Printing : Modern Technology In A Modern World




Whether you are new to 3D printing innovation or not, this e-book will give you plenty of insight into the history and truth of 3D printing. It’s objective is to make you consider 3D printing and the potential it offers in your home and work life. It is a guide which talks about the materials, procedures and applications of 3D printing technology


  • 3D Printing Failures 


3D Printing Failures 


This e-book by Sean Aranda has been completely revamped to include all of the updates in the 3D printing industry in 2020. It is much longer than the previous edition and includes a chapter on material science. This book is suitable for all, whether you are a beginner or have dozens of prints under your belt already. As the title suggests, it talks about all the failures and issues of 3D printing and how to fix them. 

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  • Python For 3D Printing


Python For 3D Printing


This e-book by John Clark Craig teaches you how to use Python to enhance the power of 3D modeling. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Python for 3D printing enables one to leverage the power, simplicity and versatility of Python for engineers and anyone who wants to create 3D shapes. 


  • 3D Printers And Additive Manufacturing


3D Printers And Additive Manufacturing


Related to the rise of Industry 4.0, this book highlights the types of 3D printers available and its main goal is to introduce basic concepts about all the main 3D printing technologies, additive manufacturing and how the 3D printers work and help the industry to rise. 


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  • 3D Printing For Beginners 


3D Printing For Beginners


A beginner’s guide to 3D printing, this e-book by Stephen W. Rock takes you through the whole process of designing and printing a 3D object, troubleshooting your 3D printer along with some tips and tricks to optimize and maintain your 3D printer


  • Digital Modelmaking 


Digital Modelmaking 


This insightful e-book by Helen Lansdown is not just about 3D printing but also about other technologies and manufacturing processes that are used within contemporary digital modelmaking. It explains in detail about each concept, with examples of how each process is used and also includes case studies from professional model makers and students. 

While there are many more such books out there, these 3D printing e-books are the ones you need to get all the required information about this amazing technology which is yet to be explored to its full potential. They are detailed, insightful and easy to understand. So read them today and level up your 3D printing game.


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