Different Types of 3D Printing Resins For Small Businesses

Different Types of 3D Printing Resins For Small Businesses

  • 9 Dec 2019

    With rapid technological advancement in recent years, it is said that 3D printing has the potential of changing the world.


    3D printing is the most trending part of the tech world. Using 3D printing, many inventions have taken place in the areas of engineering, arts, entertainment, medicine and education.


    3D printers have the ability to convert digital files having three-dimensional data into physical objects by using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) or Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program or 3D Scanner. This involves different materials and techniques that are used to create complex 3D shapes.


    When we are talking about 3D printing, Resins are the most crucial materials of 3D printing making 3D objects that are ideal for creating complex and innovative designs expeditiously and accurately.


    Before we take a look at what resins are, let us first understand the concept of photopolymers that is a key part of resins.


    Photopolymers are a type of polymer that changes its physical appearance when exposed to ultraviolet rays or any visible light.


    Resins are the liquid form of photopolymers that are hardened into solid objects when they are introduced to light.


    3D printing resins involves the usage of a popular technology – Stereolithography (SLA).


    SLA resin printers are affordable to small businesses. SLAs are often used by jewellers for creating delicate designs and prototypes. SLAs are also used for artistry products and sculptures, where extremely high and accurate work is required.


    FormLabs is a renowned manufacturer of SLA. FormLabs resin printers cost around $100 to $300 per litre, that is cost-effective for small businesses.


    Talking about other cheap 3D resin printers, Anycubic Photon Resin, Elegoo Resin 3D Printer, Nova3D 3D Printer Resin are the affordable resin 3D printers that can be used by the small businesses.


    Now that we have understood the concept of resin 3D printers, let us understand the different types of resins that can be used by the small businesses for 3D printing:


    1. Standard Resins


    standard resin


    In any resin 3D printer the parts are manufactured using these standard resins. The material used is of a high quality and low price, therefore ideal for small businesses. These resins are highly detailed, have a smooth surface and are transparent. These resins can create different colours depending upon the requirement of the users.


    2. Mammoth Resins


    Mammoth Resin


    If you are looking for resin material that can print huge sizes then you can go for mammoth resins. Its dimensions should be 2100 X 700 X 800 mm. Mammoth resins are made from liquid resins that are hardened using a laser. The material has a smooth surface but the freedom of designs is limited.


    3. Gray Resins


    gray resin


    If you compare with other 3D printing materials, Gray resins have a very smooth surface. The finishing of this material is of high quality. The standard finishing comes in grey colour. But there is also an option of choosing colours of your choice depending upon the customer’s needs. These colours include White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red and Blue.


    4. Transparent Resins


    transparent resin


    When you want to print on transparent materials then using transparent resins is the best option. These resins are water-resistant and very strong, hard and stiff in nature. The most important feature of transparent resins is that these are suitable for printing small sizes, hence the freedom of designs is limited.


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