3d printing technology Applications in Medicine and healthcare industry

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Cutting edge 3d printing technology Applications in Medicine and healthcare industry

Mrudula Deodhar

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3D printing in the last decade has taken deeper roots in the field of medicine and healthcare. With advanced technology as the backbone, the instruments, equipment, and even artificial organs have made revolutionary changes in the industry. 3D printing is extensively used for human organ transplants, prosthetic organs, and cheaper surgical instruments. Let’s check the applications of cutting-edge 3D printing technology in the medicine and healthcare industry.


  • Bioprinting




The type of 3D printing used primarily in the medical and healthcare field is that of bioprinting. It is used to develop layers of living cells and living tissues in a laboratory. These tissues are also called as organoids. They mimic the human organs for research and transplants.


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  • 3D printing surgical models


3D printing surgical models


As the 3D printing implants have been helpful to the field of medicine, the 3D printing anatomical models to have. They have helped the fields of medical education, medical and healthcare research, and even complex medical procedures. The 3Dprinting implants are efficient, easy to make, and extremely cost-effective. More than anything other implants, the 3D printed knee implants, and 3D printed spinal implants have helped the industry a lot. Kidney transplants, knee transplants, 3D printed limb transplants, spine transplants, bone transplants are some important applications of 3D printing.


  • 3D printed equipment and materials


3D printed equipment and materials


3D printing medical devices, 3D printing surgical instruments, 3D printing dental materials have been a trending manufacturing sector for the last decade. To fulfill the ever-rising demand for these materials, the industries have equipped themselves well now. The 3D printing companies that work for the healthcare industry also provide dental 3d printing resin.


Going a step forward, companies are also actively working to provide 3D printing prosthetics to the industry. The 3D printed animal prosthetics are used in the field of veterinary medicine. The field of plastic surgery uses 3d printing facial prosthesis. 3D printing for breast reconstruction is also used for female patients suffering from breast cancer.


The prosthetics can be customized as per the needs of patients and as per the direction of the surgeon or the medical expert. Since the 3D printed prosthetics are very cheap and of course very cost-effective, they are widely preferred by this industry.


Hence, 3D printing has impacted the field of healthcare and medicine and in turn, has given a rewarding success to their works and skills.


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