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Awesome 3D Printing Money Making Ideas

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3D printing is one of the most popular ways of making money fast in 2020. Today’s generation is creative and selective which makes the 3D printing market a more demanding place. There is a wide range of 3D products that are made available for purchase in the market place. 3D printed objects are fancy, useful, and often too much fun to own. Bottom line- there is a huge scope in the field of 3D printing to begin your full-time career. Here’s a list of trustworthy and awesome 3D printing money making ideas that you can start with almost no effort and investment.


  • 3D printed products


3D printed products


Believe me or not, selling 3D printed objects in the market is the best thing to do today to earn a passive income. You can choose to sell online on an e-commerce website or other e-commerce platforms or even choose to sell it in a physical market. To do so, you can either buy a 3D printer for yourself (which can be a bit costly matter) and create designs and products for sale or outsource the required resources to create 3D printed models or objects for you. Another way to sell 3D printed products is to buy products from a seller and resale them in your market place. With this, you can start generating a good amount of income in just a few months.


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  • Free knowledge sharing


3D printing blogs


It is always a great idea to start 3D printing blogs so as to educate your audience about anything and everything that you know about it. In today’s world, people google everything that they come across. So, if you manage to bring your blog in the top results, you have won the entire game! To climb the success ladder in blogging, you can also put forth a 3D printed product presentation which will gain you more audience. Apart from that, you can pitch on LinkedIn your 3D printer technology- a complete presentation so that the professional audience in your field will be benefited too, in turn, bring-in business for you.


Further, if you are interested or can manage hiring required resources, you can also think of starting your YouTube channel for 3D printing. You can generate a good amount of passive income by producing videos.


Another way to generate income is to contribute to or start a 3D printing magazine. While it will cost very little for your audience, it can generate a nice source of money for you.


  • Create 3D printing learning programs


Create 3D printing learning programs


Gone are the days when people visited colleges for everything they wanted to learn. Today, with the internet in place, learning any skill is just a click away. If you think you master the art of 3D printing, creating a 3D printing online course can fill your pockets in very little time. You can offer your exclusive knowledge about 3D printing and a completion certificate. If you are offering quality in terms of learning to your audience, your students sure will refer your 3d printing courses and certificate programs to their friends who would be sharing the same interest.


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  • Make the most of your 3D printer


3D printing online courses,


While you can continue selling 3D printed objects and 3D printing online courses, you can generate another income stream by making the most of your 3D printer. With the right planning and organized fee structure, you may lease a 3D printer to people who need it. You can also go on to mutually agreeable terms and conditions and rent a 3D printer to a business person or a company.


  • Online Services


Selling 3D printed objects


As discussed before, this is the internet’s era. People search online for anything and everything they need or want. Selling 3D printed objects and products happens with designs that you build, but there are a large number of professionals out there who need customized 3D printed products. You can be of help to these professionals by offering your 3D printing services. You can also promote your business to offer online 3D printing services to people in various fields.


With these smart ways to generate passive income through 3D printing, you can now look forward to investing your time and energy. Remember, consistency is the key in everything you decide to achieve.


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