3D Printing Gifts 2020

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3D Printing Gifts 2020

Mrudula Deodhar

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"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. "

- Carl Sagan


3D printing gives us the opportunity of creating personalized objects. Not only does it enhance the creativity of the creator but the outcome is indeed so eye-catchy for the receiver. 3D printed gifts are a very trending niche of gift items which anyone can easily make with minimum machinery, effort and cost. Here’s a list of 3D printing gifts 2020 that you must go through to surprise your near and dear ones.


1.Home Décor Items


Home Décor Items


Who doesn’t love decorating homes! We all love having a lovely place to live in. You can easily make home decor items like 3D printed flower vases, 3D printed showpieces and even festive ornaments like Christmas bells and balls. Also, 3D printed desk lamp is a very useful gift for someone who is studious and is in his/her studying phase of life. If not, the 3D printed moon lamp is always a great choice to make. You can also make some amazing 3D printed paper objects as a surprise for your friend’s birthday celebration.


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3D printed toys


If you are willing to create a birthday gift for school going kids, here’s a list of 3D printed toys. 3D printed puzzles and 3D printed Lego game set is such a great task for you and the kid. More specifically, you can also choose to make 3D printed doll accessories for a girl child and 3D printed toy cars or guns for a boy child.






Bags are an item that each one of us needs day in and day out. 3D printed bags can be produced so as to gift kids and/or working professional. If you have a tourist friend, 3D printed backpack is going to be the best gift he/she would ever receive. Trust me, you are going to be remembered.


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Girls and ladies are in love with jewellery for a lifetime. 3D printed jewellery like earrings, bracelets is easy to make and can bring a large smile on the lady’s face. Go give it a try!


5.The very useful stuff


3D printed coffee mugs


Here’s a list of gift items that are useful in day to day life and serve a great purpose every day. 3D printed cups and 3D printed coffee mugs are the kitchen essentials of every house. You can create a variety of shapes and designs considering the geometry. Apart from that, 3D printed pens, 3D printed mobile cases and 3D printed photo stands is an all-time favourite of all the 3D printer lovers. Why don’t you give it a try, maybe you can create the best 3D pen till date!!


A step forward, you can also create 3D printed headphones stands, clothes stands and pen-stands for daily use. These are the most loved 3D printed gifts and your friends are going to thank you for it.


So, which gift item do you plan to create first? A 3D photo fame for your best friend? Of a puzzle game for your nephew?


I am sure it’s going to be a massive hit!


Good luck!


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