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3D Printed Favourite Superhero Models

Mrudula Deodhar

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"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being. "

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Collecting 3D printed superhero models is a great hobby in itself. But, if you are a fan of superhero movies, this article is for you. Irrespective of our age group, superheroes are always close to our hearts. They often influence our thoughts, personalities, and choices. We tend to select and choose the accessories and clothes just like them. It isn’t very uncommon that we would want to keep them with us. With the help of 3D printing, you can have your own big collection of favorite superhero models. They are easy to make and a completely fun experience. Let’s have a look at how and what we can do about it:


  • Hulk 3D model


Hulk 3D model


The green-skinned hulk 3D print model has to be the first on the list. We were all so impressed by this character and its strength. We all dreamed of being in the Hulk’s shoes, but oh…poor us! But why not have him with us now with the help of 3D printing technology?


  • Hulkbuster model


Hulkbuster model


Hulk Bust Free 3D print model has to be in your collection in the loving memory of Tony Stark. We were all startled by what he is been doing on screen in the blockbuster movie series- Ironman. Tony stark has used the Hulkbuster suit to fight against the powerful Hulk in the movie. Cheers to the fights they have!


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  • Iron Man 3D print model


Iran man 3d Model | Bulbandkey


If you are a superheroes fan, you ought to have the iron man superhero 3d print model. It is completely possible to have the iron man recreated just at your home. Would you not want to create Tony Stark himself?

  • Captain America 3D printed model


To create a Captain America with shield 3D printed model use of white filament is done. It can be hand-painted once the 3D printing is completed. The 3D printed figure of Captain America is going to be a great work of yours because of its amazing colors and the built of the figure.


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  • Batman 3D printing model


Batman 3D Model | Bulb and Key


Various dark knight Batman 3D Printing models are available in the market. They usually come in kits because of the accessories or weapons of the superhero. The batman 3D printing model is around 15 to 17 cm tall.

  • Spiderman 3D print model


Spiderman 3D Model | Bulbandkey


Just like the batman 3D printed model, this has to be a low-poly model. It is recommended by the experts that the printing should be done at 0.1 mm layer height. Once the Spider-Verse 3d print model is ready, it can later be hand-painted.


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  • Deadpool 3d printed model


Deadpool 3D Model | Bulbandkey


The Deadpool superhero 3d printed model can be made into a little one. It can be printed at 0.1 mm in height. It looks really cute and can be further used as a keychain or a paper magnet at your study place or a work station.

  • Wonder woman 3d print model


Wonder Women 3D Model | Bulbandkey


Did you know that the release is on 25th December 2020? If you are a superhero fan, you sure must be aware. How about creating a wonder woman superhero 3d print model before you even watch the movie on Christmas Day?

  • Wolverine 3d printed model


Wolverine 3d Model | Bulbandkey


The 2013 release of the wolverine was a great hit. But have we left is far behind us now? It’s really time to have the wolverine superhero 3d printing model in your collection.

If you have a 3D printer of your own or of a friend of yours then you may think of giving it a try yourself. It will be fun to build your superheroes library by yourself. But if not, not a biggie, you may buy the ones that are missing. There are ample of creators and distributors of 3D printed superhero models across the globe. You may just order them online and see your collection grow!


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