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Order Management
Organizing businesses with digital book-keeping. Ability to digitally record orders capturing Product & Service details, Customer info, Payment Status along with Logistics support allowing you to access your orders anytime, anywhere!
Delivery Network
An affordable hyperlocal delivery network with QR Code based tracking without shipping labels. Options include time-bound deliveries, 2-Day flat rate shipping & express deliveries. Ship across the country through our national delivery partners.
Product Catalogue
Empowering businesses by taking their offerings online. Sellers can list unlimited products with every variation, offer discounts & promotions. The digital catalogue acting as their dedicated e-commerce website will increase discoverability, customer reach & improved sales!
Inventory Management
Streamline your business with better control of raw material stock & finished products, discover new suppliers & supply chains to reduce lead times & cost. Plan better to grow faster!
Events and Workshop
Promote your events & workshops on our events page, reaching out to relevant communities & participants. Get a dedicated event page that you can share & start selling tickets digitally. Also explore workshops & events to improve your skills!
Content and Community
Connect, share, interact with peers like never before. Browse through engaging stories to stay updated on latest tips, trends and happenings of the market.
Performance Reports
Business analytics help make informed, data-driven & quick decisions. Get real-time performance reports & well-documented customer feedback to analyze and then strategize!
Payments and Invoicing
Simple digital accounting with secure payment collection to keep track of your business financial health. Get one-click automated & professional invoice generation to maintain a strong brand identity.

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